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Ospery 230 mit SimulStream kann ein einzelner Osprey Video-Karte, mehrere Instanzen von Audio-und Video-Daten aus einer einzigen Signalquelle auf mehrere Anwendungen ausgegeben.


  • Optimierte Streams für ein vielfältiges Internet-Publikum in Echtzeit
  • Höchster Wirkungsgrad ohne Abstriche an der Qualität
  • Vollständige Nutzung der neuesten Prozessor-Geschwindigkeiten
  • Maximale Dichte der Lösung für das Streaming von Produktion

Arbeitet mit Windows Media, Adobe Flash, Real

PCI-X Power with Analog Video Capture
The Osprey-230 analog video capture card offers legendary Osprey® quality and reliability, designed for streaming.

Osprey® SimulStream® is a premium software upgrade that extends the capabilities of Osprey Video capture cards.

SimulStream enables a single Osprey Video card to output multiple instances of audio and video data from a single input source to multiple applications.


  • Optimized streams for a diverse internet audience in realtime
  • Maximum efficiency without sacrificing quality
  • Complete utilization of latest processor speeds
  • Maximum solution density for streaming production
  • Reduced hardware costs

PCI-XTM power with analog video capture.

The Osprey 230 analog video capture card offers legendary Osprey® quality and reliability, designed for streaming professionals. It’s the ideal PCI-X analog card for broadcast professionals and global OEM systems integrators. With its composite and S-Video inputs and professional balanced audio features, it’s the card of choice for high quality, reliable video capture.

Industry proven performance.

More than 370K Osprey cards are being used in a variety of broadcast, commercial and industrial applications. You’ll find Osprey cards in mission-critical applications throughout the world.

Multiple streams per input.

Purchase the Osprey 230 with SimulStream® and you can feed audio and video to multiple encoders at the same time. Or, create multiple streams of the same type with completely independent settings for sizing, scaling, logos and bit rate.

Software compatible.

The Osprey 230 works with popular video capture and encoding applications to provide maximum flexibility in meeting the requirements of your unique application.

Driver Support:

  • Microsoft® DirectShow® API


    One channel switchable input:
  • Composite (BNC x 1)
  • S-Video (mini-DIN)
  • Balanced stereo (XLR x 2)
  • Unbalanced stereo (RCA x 2)


  • Unbalanced stereo line (3.5 mm)

Video Format:



  • Closed-caption extraction/rendering
  • Software-adjustable hardware audio gain control
  • Logo/bitmap overlay
  • Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing and inverse telecine
  • Loss of video automatic test pattern generation with text overlay option


  • Half-height / half-length board
  • 6.60" L x 2.71"H (16.77 cm L x 6.87 cm H)
  • 64-bit PCI™ interface
  • 32-bit/33-MHz PCI compatible
  • 3.3 V PCI 2.3 compliant
  • Includes low-profile bracket

Hardware Warranty:

  • 1 year limited hardware warranty

System Requirements:

  • Multi-core processors are recommended to run video applications.
  • Windows

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