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Capture Multiple Channels and Multiply your Savings
With the capability to simultaneously capture four independent channels of audio and video, the Osprey®-440 PCI-X™ capture card is a good choice for broadcasters and government agencies. The benefits of higher channel density include efficiencies and cost savings achieved through reduced space requirements and being able to encode multiple channels on one encoding system instead of four. And, as with all Osprey capture cards, quality and reliability come standard.

Osprey® SimulStream® is a premium software upgrade that extends the capabilities of Osprey Video capture cards.

SimulStream enables a single Osprey Video card to output multiple instances of audio and video data from a single input source to multiple applications.


  • Optimized streams for a diverse internet audience in realtime
  • Maximum efficiency without sacrificing quality
  • Complete utilization of latest processor speeds
  • Maximum solution density for streaming production
  • Reduced hardware costs

Capture multiple channels and multiply your savings

With the capability to simultaneously capture four independent channels of audio and video, the Osprey® 440 PCI-XTM capture card is a good choice for broadcasters a government agencies.

Industry proven performance.

More than 300K Osprey cards are being used in a variety of broadcast, commercial and industrial applications. You’ll find Osprey capture cards in missioncritical applications throughout the world.

Global standards support.

With all Osprey® capture cards, quality and reliability is standard. They support global analog standarddefinition formats, including NTSC and PAL. If you are a global OEM systems integrator seeking a single-solution deployment strategy, this card’s for you.

Additional inputs and outputs.

OEM product developers can take advantage of additional composite video, S-Video, and balanced audio inputs which are available on internal connections on the Osprey 440 circuit board. Security or surveillance OEMs can also access internal contact closure inputs and alarm relay outputs for custom applications. And, a versatile Osprey software development kit (SDK) is available for custom software application developers.

Software compatible.

The Osprey 440 works with popular video capture and encoding applications. Purchase the Osprey 440 with SimulStream® and you can use any or all of the four available inputs to feedmultiple encoders at the same time.

Driver Support:

  • Microsoft® DirectShow® API


  • 4 composite (BNC)
    (BNC RCA adapters included)

  • Audio:
  • 4 pair unbalanced stereo
    RCA via included breakout cable)

Video Format:



  • Closed-caption extraction/rendering
  • Logo/bitmap overlay
  • Software-controlled hardware audio gain control
  • Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing and inverse telecine
  • Loss of video automatic test pattern generation with text overlay option


  • Full-height / half-length board
  • 6.6" L x 4.2"H (16.77 cm L x 10.67 cm H)
  • 64-bit PCI™ interface
  • 32-bit/33-MHz PCI compatible
  • 3.3 Volt PCI 2.3 compliant

Hardware Warranty:

  • 1 year limited hardware warranty

System Requirements:

  • Video capture requires intense bandwidth across the system bus, CPU, and memory. Motherboards with DDR3 memory architecture are highly recommended.
  • Multi-core processsors are recommended to run video applications.

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