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Produktinformationen "Atomos Samurai Blade HD SDI Recorder"

Samurai Blade SSD Field Recorder mit 5" IPS TouchMonitor

Die Aufnahmen basieren auf dem Apple Pro Res und Avid DNxHD Format.

Der Monitor besitzt viele Anzeigeoptionen wie:

Vectorscope, Waveform, Zebra, Blue Only, Exposure Check, Focus Peaking ...

- Zeichnet auf Hochleistungs- SSD und - HDD Medien auf
- Kompaktes und robustes Aluminium Gehäuse
- Mit eingebautem 5" IPS LCD Touchscreen (tageslichttaugliche Helligkeit)
- Auflösung: 1280 x 720
- Bildformat: 16:9
- Live-View-Modus
- 10 Bit Signalverarbeitung
- 4:2:2 Farbabtastung
- Max. Bitrate: 220 Mbit/s
- Aufzeichnung in Apple ProRes
- Aufnahme in Avid DNxHD Codec 4:2:2: 220/185/175 (10 Bit), 220/185/175 (8 Bit), 145/120/115 (8 Bit)
- S-Log / C-Log Recording
- Waveform- und Vektorskop-Anzeige mit Zoomfunktion
- Gamma, Kontrast und Helligkeit einstellbar
- RecordRun - automatische Recorder Start/Stop-Funktion bei anliegenden Timecode
- Zweifache Akkuhalterung mit Hot-Swap-Funktion
- 2x 1/4" Gewinde 1 Gewinde oben und 1 Gewinde unten
- 1 Jahr Herstellergarantie
- Unterstützte Videoformate: HD 1080/60i, 1080/59,94i, 1080/50i, 1080/30p, 1080/25p, 1080/24p, 1080/23,98p, 72/60p, 720/59,94p, 720/50p, SD 480i, 576i

Aufnahmedauer mit SSD 128 GB:
- ca. 77 Min. (ProResHQ), ca. 120 Min. (ProRes422), ca. 180 Min. (ProResLT)

  • 5" TFT/LCD 1280x720 super high resolution screen
  • HD/SD-SDI Connecitvity
  • Trigger Camera and Samurai Record from Time Code over SDI
  • Trigger Camera and Samurai Record from Start/Stop camera flags over SDI - Sony, Canon, Arri, Panasonic, JVC and Red supported.
  • 24 PSF support with 24/60i 3:2 Pulldown removal on capture
  • SDI Play Out or Loop-Though: connect to an external broadcast monitor or director's monitor and record and playback on set

SDI Arsenal:

    • Captive connector
    • Long cable lengths
    • Time Code and Gen Lock support
    • 3D support with 2 Samurais Genlocked
    • Multi Camera Support
    • More Professional Cameras with better lenses and sensors

Samurai packs a host of features into its compact, rugged aluminium body:

  • Recording direct to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD* via HD/SD-SDI - Pristine HD uncompressed video from camera lens and sensor directly to selected codec
  • Monitoring & Assists - Super High resolution 5" 800x480 built in monitor. Focus Peaking, Adjustable Zebra, False Colour and Blue only for perfect shot set up.
  • Playback & Edit - Instant playback for review of Apple Prores or Avid DNxHD files. Cut Edit, tag and Mark clips anywhere, anytime - not in the studio!
  • Touch Screen - Simple intuitive touch screen functionality - no complicated menus!
  • Continuous Power - Atomos Continuous Dual Battery Technology
  • Affordable Storage - Infinite affordable 2.5" HDD/SSD storage capability

And transforms your video production by:

  • Eliminating the need for capture cards and wasted time logging and capturing by avoiding the lossy, time consuming capture-to-edit process.
  • Bypassing the image-degrading compression needed to squeeze HD onto in-camera flash storage.
  • Providing limitless and cheap storage through the use of removable 2 ½ inch hard disks.
  • Including all accessories in one rugged case - Batteries, Chargers, Disk Caddies and a PC/Mac docking station.
  • Recording to a high quality editing codec at the camera in the field: simple.
  • Recycling older cameras with obsolete tape and compression technology and updating them with a modern, high-quality file-based workflow

Better quality from your new or old camera. Infinite cheap storage. No worries about battery life. Ideal for any camera with an HD or SD video output. Samurai transforms the way you work with video.

Samurai takes you into the efficient and cost-effective world of file-based workflows. By recording directly to a production-quality, edit-friendly format, it bypasses the camera’s codec and eliminates the time-consuming capture process.
The Samurai’s tight integration with Apple ProRes® and Avid DNxHD* means recorded footage is instantly and natively editable in:

    • Final Cut
    • Media Composer
    • Premiere
    • Edius
    • Vegas
    • Lightworks

And remember – Apple ProRes® and Avid DNxHD* are better editing codecs than long-GOP delivery or in-camera codecs like MPEG2, AVCHD etc – easily exceeding broadcast production bitrate requirements. Simply insert your Master Caddy Disk into the Docking Station (FW800 & USB 3/2) to start editing instantly – or transfer your footage to a SAN or NAS for central storage and collaborative editing.


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