SHAPE Cage / Schutzkäfig für ATOMOS mit Handgriffen

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The best possible protection for your new ATOMOS FLAME monitor!

SHAPE designed the new ATOMOS FLAME CAGE to offer the best protection on the market for the new ATOMOS FLAME monitors. This cage solution creats a solid, adjustable and safe frame for your monitor. The cage offers 1/4-20 threaded holes for many possibilities of attachment. It also provides maximal security for your monitor accessories with a fast locking system for SD cards and adjustable black knob for any size of HDMI connectors.The cage also provides extra space in the rear of the cage giving access to the SDI connectors.

The ATOMOS FLAME cage can be used in multiple configurations. It can be combined with the SHAPE ICON series for great handheld solution. The cage was specifically designed to fit the 1/4-20 screws of the ICON bracket, ensuring maximum protection for optimal use. It was also designed with a spring system enabling to easily move the  monitor in and out. Also included in this bundle, a pair of SHAPE handle with RED-PUSH BUTTON technology for fast and easy adjustment.

The new ATOMOS FLAME CAGE is the best solution to protect your ATOMOS FLAME monitor while having great stability. Combined with our SHAPE ICON DIRECTOR'S KIT, you will have the perfect set up for your ATOMOS FLAME monitor!
All our products are made of CNC machined aluminum and are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

  •     Universal cage for ATOMOS FLAME series 
  •     Includes a pair of SHAPE single handles with patented RED-PUSH BUTTON
        and red ratchet key for fast and easy adjustment 
  •     1/4-20 threaded holes to add accessories on your cage
  •     Integrated spring system to provide adjustable cage size
  •     The spring system enables to easily move the monitor in and out
  •     Two 1/4-20 screws to secure the monitor inside the cage
  •     Provides optimal stability for the  monitor
  •     Easy to use fast locking system to secure the SD card inside the monitor
  •     Easy access to the SD card and the battery pack
  •     HDMI connector lock system on the side of the cage
  •     Locking system to secure the HDMI connectors
  •     Extra space in the rear of the cage giving access to the SDI connectors
  •     The monitor cage can easily be fixed on the ICON BODY
  •     Threaded holes underneath the monitors to fit the 1/4-20 screw of the ICON bracket
  •     It's the perfect solution to combine with the ICON series and easily insert
        and remove the cage from the ICON body for more versatility when shooting 

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