Timecode Buddy TX

Timecode Buddy TX

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This miniature multi-channel timecode transmitter is the perfect sidekick to the Timecode Buddy: wifi master. Together they provide a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to ensure cameras and sound on a shoot are singing from the same timecode (so to speak).

Switch your Timecode Buddy: wifi master into radio frequency (RF) receiver mode and the Timecode Buddy: tx transmits to create a perfect TX/RX pair for ‘camera to sound’ or ‘camera to camera’ RF timecode links on PSC shoots. There’s no need to buy two Timecode Buddy: wifi masters, giving broadcast professionals a cost-effective solution to perfectly syncing broadcast timecode when shooting in this way.





  • Compact, robust and lightweight (cameramen shouldn’t complain).
  • Pre-programmed with 14 licence free channels.
  • Using Buddy DataLink protocol, a long-range link that is immune to normal analogue RF interference.
  • LTC timecode reader, with a blue backlight LCD screen showing timecode, user bits, frames per second (FPS) and TX channel number.
  • Simple programming from an onscreen menu and one finger navigation system. No confusing DIP switches to worry about.
  • Runs off an external 7-24V DC supply, via two looped Hirose sockets.

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